Journey Creator

Available for the iPhone and iPad

Amazing Features

Create a Location Based App Easily


Easily create an app for your town or village


Show off all your wrk

Service Companies

Put in the location of all your customer

Easily Customizable

The App has three levels

Create an App for the App Store

For $500 we will take you data and create an App for the App Store

Put the same Info on the Android or the Web

For an additional $300 we will create an Android version for an additional $1000 we will create a web version

Many additional Customizations

You can obtain more info on add ons here

  • iPhone program  $500
  • Add Android $800
  • Icon      $100
  • Creating and managing Apple acc  $200
  • Creating and managing Google acc $200
  • Custom front screen   $200
  • Putting same info web site  $1000
  • Adding notification to app   $100
  • Adding Realtime News   $100
  • Creating and managing Google acc $200
  • Realtime Data Entry on Web $1000 * not including data
  • App includes 3 updates a year additional update $150
  • Importing date from Excel or other sources   $200
  • Yearly maintenance fee- $300 with 2 updates

Journey Creator

The easiest way to create a location based App. You can quickly go around adding locations or sit at you desk using pictures that you have taken. Whether you are a city looking for a local app, a chamber of commerce, a delivery service, an archetict who wants ot show off his or her works, or a small chain of stores Journey Creator allows you to create and location based app quickly and easily.  You can use it immediately on your phone, or submit it to us and we will quickly poduce a custom app for you on the App store.  Future versions will even allow you to just share your creation with friends or colleagues.


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