Basic Features

Journey Creator is, in fact, two apps in one. The first, the "Creator-side." allows you to add data to your app and build your own location-based app. The other, the "Viewer-side," displays  your data the way an end user would view it.

  • Click on the "Creator" icon to return to the "Creator-side" and add new entries.



Add Location

The centerpiece of the Creator app is its robust ability to add new locations. Once you name a location, you can place the address (if you know it.)  If you do not know the street address, you can get a location by taking a picture, or by telling the app to use the current location, or by placing a pin on the map. The Creator app will not only register the location, it will also find the location's address and enter it into the app for you.

Location Details

When you select "Add Location (+)" or "Edit Location," you will have a number of choices for adding detail to your entry.  You can select a location based on your current location. You can choose to take a photo, or pick an image from your existing photo library.

  • Use "Current Location" as the location
  • If you select map icon, a map will open; place a pin on the location you want to set.
  • If you can select an image from your photo library, the app will use the embedded information in that photo to determine the location.
  • If you can take a photo through the Creator app, the app will use its location.
  • If you enter an address here, the Creator app will also add the exact location (latitude and Longitude) to the app.

Categories and Sub/Categories

You may set up "Categories" and "Sub-categories" if you wish. Locations are automatically sorted and displayed by category on the app's Viewer side. You are able to turn that option off in the settings section, if you so desire.


"Settings" is a key screen in the Creator app, that allows you to change the default in the Viewer-side of the app to show all locations, or only those you for which you have categories, (all locations includes every one.) You need to put in a name for your app in this section. You can also change the app's "Tint Color," by choosing what color you want your app to have.

"Settings" is also the screen you use to access the "In-App Purchase" that will allow you to access unlimited locations, and add to the ten free locations available with your initial download. You can also contact us through the app, by selecting the "Contact Us" button.



  • Publish

    Take the first steps to make you app available to thousands of people. Choose "Publish" to  begin registering your app. Then, you will be directed to our web site to choose the customized publishing package that best suits your needs. Click here to see the package options. Then go back to the Creator app and select "Publish" once again, where your data will be prepared for sending. This will open a "send mail" screen for you to transfer your data to us –– to create your new location-based app.